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Looking for AMS Dallas? AMS Staff leasing officially dissolved on January 1, 2014. The AMS book of business, management, workforce, payroll system, etc. has rolled into new ownership with a different name.

Notice to Former Clients of AMS Dallas

If you were a former client of AMS Dallas, you can still sign back up for the same great service. Contact us today for a free quote.

New Business Programs by AMS Staff Leasing

If you lost your coverage from AMS due to the carrier change, but miss outsourcing the human resources, payroll and tax administration -- we have options for you! We offer ASO services, similar to PEO. The difference being that the ASO relationship enables us to perform the same extensive employee leasing services. However, rather than filing under our FEIN number, we can obtain a power of attorney and file under your FEIN. We can even work with your own preferred work comp carrier.

If you prefer to utilize the PEO arrangement that includes workers compensation coverage, we are aggressively writing contractors all across the country once again!

AMS Dallas
AMS Dallas

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AMS Dallas