AMS Staff Leasing then:

AMS Staff Leasing was founded in 1991, in Dallas, Texas. For many years, AMS was the nation's leading Professional Employer Organization (PEO) serving the construction industry.

AMS Staff Leasing MapAMS specialized in providing integrated and cost effective services by entering in to a co-employer relationship with clients. This business model allowed AMS to contractually assume employer responsibilities and risks with the workforce assigned to their clients.

Small and large businesses across the nation found that they could save time and money while actually gaining more control over their company. Clients let AMS handle the complexities of administrative issues and details, so they could get back to business! AMS Staff Leasing services empowered companies to focus on generating business and improving their core services and products.

AMS featured PEO services in 37 states across the nation.

AMS Staff Leasing now:

As of January 1, 2014, AMS Staff Leasing became legally dormant. Many employees and customers transitioned over to a new company that had purchased the book of business from AMS staff leasing.

The company that purchased the book of business from AMS Staff Leasing has built a program for former AMS Staff Leasing clients.

If you are a former client of AMS, or would like to obtain the same great service that AMS offered, call (903) 463-4000, or email Mike@eagleemployerservices.com.

*Disclaimer: This website is managed by Eagle Employer Services, LLC. We are not associated with the ownership of the former AMS Staff Leasing company. We are a third party marketing group that sells PEO services. Please do not contact us for legal or claim information requests.

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